Sofia Richie Slams Hater Who Accused Her Of Editing Her Photo

Sofia Richie Slams Hater Who Accused Her Of Editing Her Photo
Credit: BET

It was reported just the other day, that Sofia Richie is currently having the time of her life together with Kylie Jenner and more ladies at Turks & Caicos. This was a girls' trip to celebrate Kylie Skin - Kylie's cosmetic brand.

Sofia was invited as well, and she also made sure to document the trip on her own social media account.

She showed off her perfect beach body in a couple of pics on IG. A follower commented next to one of the pics, hinting at the fact that Sofia might have altered it, 'just like the Kardashians.'

Check out the photo that the commenter pointed out:

The person commented: 'the curve of the wall sis,,, we were all rooting for you to not facetune like the rest of them!'

You can see Sofia's response below:

Someone else also had a comment: 'Why are her hands 10" long? Why would she need to photo shop?'

Another follower said: 'Ok the wall is an arch but her hands???? What is happening who has hands that long not even counting the nails.'

One commenter posted: 'What is wrong with photoshoot!!!! Can't you just accept the way you are???????'

A person defended Sofia and said: 'You guys with your silly comments. Just leave her alone! It’s just girl posting a pic of herself!'

What do you think about Sofia's photo? Is it edited or not?

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