Sofia Richie Drives Fans Crazy With Topless Photo And Scott Disick Has The Best Response

Sofia Richie Drives Fans Crazy With Topless Photo And Scott Disick Has The Best Response
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Sofia Richie is driving fans crazy with a topless photo that also has her boyfriend Scott Disick giving the perfect response.

The 21-year-old shared a topless photo of herself on Thursday. No, it was not just for fun. Richie was modeling a pair of Rollas blue jeans, using Instagram to get people excited for the brand. She tagged Kathleen Riley, who did her hair, as well as Jill Jacobs, the studio where the picture was taken.

However, it was not the jeans, hair, or photography studio that were driving fans wild but rather the smoking hot picture of Disick's girlfriend. Richie captioned the drool-worthy image, "How's your Thursday?"

It didn't take long for the comments section to become flooded with people answering her question. First up was the perfect remark from her Flip It Like Disick star boyfriend.

"It's not bad, thanks," wrote 36-year-old Disick.

"a lot better now," said YouTuber Nikita Dragun.

"Better now, thanks," replied da1syb

"Exponentially better now," remarked kevin_zadourian

There are several more comments with simply fire emoji, making it clear Richie looks fabulous in the picture.

Disick is definitely the winner when it comes to the remarks, proving once again his relationship with Richie is the real deal. It has been over two years since the couple first started dating, shocking fans, as well as their families. The age difference alone was enough for people to label them a fling.

The reality TV star recently opened up about his Richie, letting fans know they are rock solid. She made her reality TV debut on his show, where Disick claimed Richie calmed him down, making him a better man . The model also finally appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, as the couple went on vacation with his three children and ex-Kourtney Kardashian.

Along with beginning to appear on TV with her man, Richie and Disick have also been house hunting. The model lives with Disick now in his house, but they are reportedly looking for a place that can be considered their home.

Scott Disick had the best response to girlfriend Sofia Richie's topless photo. He has come a long way since his bad-boy party days. Disick has managed to become a fan favorite over the past couple of years.

What did you think of Disick's hilarious response to Richie's Instagram post?


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