Sofia Richie Dragged For ‘Insensitive’ Wildfire Remarks

Sofia Richie Dragged For ‘Insensitive’ Wildfire Remarks
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Sofia Richie is being slammed for her insensitive remarks about the current California wildfires.

The state is once again being ravaged by dangerous wildfires, putting people and animal's lives in grave danger. Richie shared a photo of herself the other day with her hair in a messy bun and the caption "Santa Ana winds- messy bun."

Her comment did not go over well with fans who are calling out Scott Disick's girlfriend for being "out of tone" and "insensitive." Several users flocked to the post to call Richie out for not being more thoughtful regarding the dire situation.

"200,000 people evacuated and 2 million people without power but okay go ahead flex?? could u be any more insensitive," wrote andibrooker

"When I lived in California and there was a fire down the road, I had to pack up all my animals and evacuate several times. I'm so upset every time I hear about fires. These celebrities don't seem to care about anything but themselves," shared dmiller.home

"girl as good as you look, santa ana winds = fires in your area, have some respect for all the people who have lost their homes," said seasaltoceans

"ugh, how dare you state why your hair is slightly wind blown!!! ..when thousands of people have lost their homes due to wind , fires ... just not right girly. omfg!!!!" replied tinabassett7

Richie is used to being dragged on social media, especially since she hooked up with Disick. The model's every move is watched now that she is part of Kylie Jenner's BFF crew and has been with her boyfriend of two years.

After backlash erupted over her caption regarding the wildfires, Richie attempted to make the situation better. She used Instagram Story to show a broken heart with a message to all of her fans regarding the Getty Fire.

"Sending my love and prayers to everyone affected by the fires. Tonight's wind is going to be brutal. Please Stay safe," wrote the 21-year-old daughter of Lionel Richie.

Fans are not happy with Sofia Richie after she posted an Instagram photo blaming the California fires for her messy bun. Thousands of people have had to evacuate from the deadly blaze that is engulfing the state.

The wildfire is extremely dangerous and Instagram users felt her comment showed her entitlement, as well proved she is an out of touch celebrity. The fires are no joke and should be taken seriously by all.

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