Sofia Richie And Scott Disick Reunite On Holiday After Reports Fly He Wants Her Back

Sofia Richie And Scott Disick Reunite On Holiday After Reports Fly He Wants Her Back
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After taking some time away from each other as Scott Disick put his mental health first , Sofia Richie was seen hanging with her ex-boyfriend on the Fourth of July. This comes after rumors spread that Scott wants his ex back.

Weeks ago, the father of three made headlines when he checked himself into a rehab to sort out his issues that stemmed from both of his parents dying so close after one another.

It was also said that the solitude during quarantine has caused him to go back to drinking and drug use which he later denied.

Sofia allegedly made the choice to break up with Scott after seeing that he needed to take his health seriously.

However, yesterday -- the two decided to unite.

Scott and Sophia spent time together on Malibu Beach before heading to lunch. The two also attended a mutual friend's party according to the Daily Mail.

The couple is believed to have broken up multiple times during their multi-year relationship but this time was the most public.

While Disick has been spending a lot of extra time with his kids, sources close to him say that he misses their relationship .

'Once he fixes himself, he’s very interested in trying to get her back. Until then, he feels like they will always be connected one way or another because they’ve shared so much. But he would definitely like to be with Sofia again — and if they do not get back together, Sofia would end up being the ‘one that got away.'' an insider explained to Hollywood Life.

The source also added that he regrets taking advantage of their relationship.

'He misses her and he’s now realizing how life’s without her. He’s remembering all of the good times and all the fun they had on vacations, on nights out, and in.'

Do you think the two are back together?

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