Sofia Richie And Scott Disick - Has She Moved On With Someone Else While Giving Him 'Space' To Work On His Trauma?

Sofia Richie And Scott Disick - Has She Moved On With Someone Else While Giving Him 'Space' To Work On His Trauma?
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Fans are not sure whether or not Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are still together following his leaked time in rebab! That being said, one insider claims to know where the two stand!

Has the model moved on with someone else after giving Scott the ‘space’ he needs to get better as he struggles with trauma from his past?

This is something people have been wondering ever since Sofia was seen spending time with a group of friends in Malibu not too long ago.

People now speculate that she and one of the friends in her circle are in fact not platonic, but dating!

What adds even more to the rumors is that Scott has not been seen in her company lately at all as she spends time with only her pals.

The source tells HollywoodLife, however, that she is definitely not dating anyone new.

Instead, the distance is actually for Scott’s own good as she thought some distance would help with his healing process.

‘Scott’s very focused is on getting healthy right now, so Sofia’s giving him the space to do that. But any suggestion that she’s dating someone new is ridiculous. All she has been doing is just spending time with friends,’ the source dished.

This comes after Scott’s lawyer confirmed he previously checked himself into a rehab facility to work on a longtime trauma related to losing his parents suddenly years ago.

However, as soon as a pic of him inside leaked, he left and decided to continue getting treatment at home where his privacy would be ensured.

The lawyer’s statement on the matter was shared via the same news outlet and reads: ‘In an effort to finally deal with the pain Scott has been silently suffering for years because of the sudden death of his mother followed by the death of his father three months after, Scott decided n to check himself into a facility to work on his traumas. He didn't check in for alcohol or cocaine abuse.’

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