Social Media Users Demand Donald Trump Be Removed From Home Alone 2

Social Media Users Demand Donald Trump Be Removed From Home Alone 2
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Donald Trump 's presidency might be one of the most tumultuous in recent memory, and the final year of said presidency, 2021, hasn't been any different.

Hot New Hip Hop says the contentious politician is on his way out of the Oval Office in a matter of days, and the Capitol Hill riots from one week ago will forever go down in history alongside Trump's final days as the president.

Reportedly, the riots were so bad that five people were killed, including one cop. Many Republicans supposedly turned their backs on the president, including people like Senator Lindsey Graham. Other reports have claimed the president has been banned from social media platforms.

Reportedly, Trump's cameo in Home Alone 2 was actually cut by Canadian censors from the CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. There's a famous scene where Macaulay Culkin asks Trump for directions while he's in New York City, and this scene has supposedly been deleted on certain Canadian broadcasting channels.

Now, many Americans have begun to ask for the same thing. Reportedly, the Canadian Broadcasting Company is just one organization that chose to cut the scene, while others supposedly got rid of it just to add more commercial time.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, the decision to cut Trump out of the movie has been met with big backlash from "Trump supporters" in the United States and from a few Canadian conservatives as well.

Another group of people, neither Trump supporters nor conservatives, questioned whether it should be an act of a democratic republic to delete scenes of someone out of a movie just because they don't agree with their politics.

One Twitter user wrote, "this the type of thing that's done by a communist government like what can be seen in China. You can't erase history. This is something straight out of 1984 . Who controls the past, is who controls the future."

This all comes after the news that the president - who's about to leave the Oval Office in the coming days - was banned from Twitter for supposedly inciting riots.

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