Social Media Is Split On Choosing Sides After Corey Gambles Tells Scott Disick He Would Whip His Daughter

Social Media Is Split On Choosing Sides After Corey Gambles Tells Scott Disick He Would Whip His Daughter
Credit: Source: People

Kourtney Kardashian's revelation that Penelope Disick scratched her nanny sparked a debate that is intense both on and off screen. Fans are split on whose side to be on when it comes to a comment that Corey Gamble made.

In a sneak peek for an upcoming episode, Kourtney explains why she is now out of a nanny.

'I don’t have a nanny anymore. She said P was really upset. She was putting her in the car and Penelope scratched her face. P can be out of control. I think she almost, like, blacks out and does these wild things.'

After talking about their experiences with nannies, Corey interjects to say: 'I’m sorry, but if P scratched me for no reason, I’m whipping her a** and I’ll explain to you all later… I would whip her a** if she scratched me.'

This made Scott Disick livid. The conversation turned into a screaming match that viewers will get to see soon.

Meanwhile, some fans are on Kris Jenner's boyfriend's side.

'Exactly y y’all kids be disrespectful to y’all WHOP THEY A**,' one commentator posted on an Instagram blog page that shared the clip.

'If Scott would have the same energy yelling at Corey when Penelope does these “wild things” her a** wouldn’t be doing them,'another added.

This person said: 'Well she definitely should get a spanking. I mean it’s not okay to go around scratching people. Like how you defend her actions? That’s what’s wrong with that girl now. I guess y’all haven’t seen them on Ellen. Let’s just say she wasn’t staying in a child’s place.'

However, others were on Scott's side.

'I think his just over stepping his boundaries as a boyfriend to his kids grandma. I believe in whoppings just not from somebody who isn’t immediate blood family.'

'Let’s not pretend we couldn’t go this hard for our kids. I can say I’m gonna whoop my daughters a**, but no one else can.'

'Corey forgot even tho they’re culture vulture MVPs they ain’t black. Them white folks would let they kids black their eyes out before spanking them.'

What do you think about this debate?


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