Social Media Is Shocked After Cardi B Called Her Fans 'Dumba*****' And Told Them To Stay In Their Place

Social Media Is Shocked After Cardi B Called Her Fans 'Dumba*****' And Told Them To Stay In Their Place
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Being any kind of public figure is hard especially when you're as famous as Cardi B . However, it is very rare that a celebrity goes off on their supporters the Cardi B did last night before deactivating her Twitter.

It seemed to all stem from one of her fan accounts asking what a look was for. It seems that Cardi took offense to the question and decided to unload about all of her problems with fans having opinions about her and the people around her.


'I really hate when fans step over the lines.Don’t talk about people I work with.Don’t talk about my personal life .No I don’t need ya to kiss my a** but don’t disrespect the people I’m close with.THE F**K YOU THINK THIS IS! Dumbas** fans always wanna say some dumba** sh*t like who the f**k you think you are? Don’t talk about Erika ,don’t talk about Tokyo , don’t talk about patience ,Kolin,don’t talk about my sister , don’t talk about Offset F***** NOTHING B**** !Stay in your fuckin place .F*** you got pics of me on your profile talkin bout my people the F*** ! And stop telling me who should I date that’s another thing .I DONT DATE FOR PUBLICITY ! ImNot going for “who the hottest rapper “who ball player got long money” I’m not 22 years old I’m a b**** with a KID ! A home a business not trying to let Nikkas I’m my P**** for a image.'

She doubled down in voice notes released on her Twitter page before she deactivated.

While some understood that it could be annoying and invasive to have people you've never met invade your privacy, others were shocked that she talked to the people who made her the star that she is with such harsh words.

'How she still got fans? Whew chile,' wrote one.

'This was so extra, her supporting fan who loves her just wanted to know what the look was for. This is why she won't have much "fans" any longer,' said another.

'But see this is what happens when u genuinely don’t like your fans outside of buying and making u famous I’ve said it before cardi doesn’t even acknowledge her fans like that,' someone observed.

This person referenced Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, and Beyonce who all have bigger fan bases and deal with the same things that come with it all the time but rarely have ever addressed their fans so negatively: 'Lmfao Onika, Giselle or Robyn Would NEVER. Lmfao how y’all fans of somebody who don’t even like y’all.'

Hopefully, Cardi takes the time away from social media to realize without her fans -- there would not be a Cardi B .

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  • Leigh
    Leigh Oct 13, 2020 8:08 AM PDT

    Great Rising people we have a tendency to put people on pedestals there is a saying that was left To Us by the great Maya Angelou 'when people show you who they are believe them". The woman has shown U who she wants U to see. Stay OUT of her Bizness. Get Your OWN LIFE. ThE world that we live in today has no filters, no class, no respect for themselves so how in the heck do U expect them to have it for U. I'm just saying, we live in such a fake world that if people have to live in "REALITY" the casualty rate would be more devastating than it is today., it doesn't matter to me whether the person being talked about here sees this post because U treat people the way U want to be treated. SO when making comments about others when U put negative energy out into the universe, Karma will visit U and U don't know how it's coming. So Uu fans should not be upset about whatever has been said because it appears that u all like this kind of drama. So swallow it up. I hope u learned a lesson about putting people on pedestals & praising other people learn how to keep yourself lifted in moderation. I Yield & send Positive Energy Peace & LOVE to each & everyone of U.

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