Snoop Dogg Posts Hilarious Meme Of Regular People Who Look Just Like Famous Rappers Drake Future And Kanye West

Snoop Dogg Posts Hilarious Meme Of Regular People Who Look Just Like Famous Rappers Drake Future And Kanye West
Credit: Source: Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg, like 50 Cent, has created a reputation for himself online for his great content on social media. He and Curtis Jackson, aka 50 Cent, regularly post hilarious memes that poke fun at the current artists of the day, in addition to contentious modern issues.

Overnight, the rapper found another meme poking fun at himself, Drake, Kanye West, and Future. On Instagram, Snoop Dogg wrote, "late-night laff," alongside an image showing four different men who look eerily similar to the rappers mentioned above.

In the photo shown below, Snoop Dogg shows off four celebrity-lookalikes in four corners of a photograph. It's clear that the men in the photos show an uncanny resemblance to each rapper, including the funny names, "Snoop Catt," "Kanye East," and "Brake."

There's another one that says, "Past," obviously in reference to Future's artist name.

Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg was in the headlines for more serious reasons in the aftermath of the Black Live Matters protests that began following the murder of George Floyd while in Minneapolis' police custody.

During his appearence on the Young Money Radio podcast, Snoop Dogg said to Lil' Wayne that the Black Lives Matter protests were very encouraging to him. The rapper, similar to Spike Lee, claimed that it was great to see all races and people from various backgrounds out in the streets protesting against police brutality.

Snoop Dogg said that video-cameras and camera phones were one of the greatest inventions in this regard because now, people can film what happens to certain individuals. The rapper said that video evidence is great because it can't be paid off in a court of law and it's practically corruption-free.

The rapper commented that it was no longer just African-Americans fighting anymore. It's everyone now.

As it was noted above, Spike Lee had similar comments as well on the multi-racial protests. The director claimed it was very uplifting to see all of his "white brothers and sisters" protesting along for the very same purposes.

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