Snoop Dogg Offers His Gratitude To Nipsey Hussle Following The L.A. Gang 'Unity Walk'

Snoop Dogg Offers His Gratitude To Nipsey Hussle Following The L.A. Gang 'Unity Walk'
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Nipsey Hussle got shot to death in front of his own store in the same neighborhood that he grew up in. This shocked the whole community and broke the hearts of his fans.

Just the day after his death he was supposed to meet with the LAPD along with Roc Nation reps in order to discuss some ways for ending gang violence in the city.

Earlier this week, gangs from all over LA came together for a Unity Walk to honor Nip, and they have also discussed truces.

Snoop Dogg posted on his social media account to praise everyone who was involved for showing love to one another in honor of Nipsey.

'I wanna give a shout out to Big U, to all the gang bangers in Los Angeles. Man, this shit was a dream come true,' Snoop said as reported by the online publication Hot New Hip Hop.

'Despite the disaster of Nipsey losing his life, I know Nipsey is proud and happy... This is a goal that we wanted. Every L.A. gangbanger rapper wanted this shit. We wanted all our neighborhoods to come together. We wanted all our neighborhoods to see eye to eye like we do. I'm glad y'all finally realized that and wakin' up. We need each other,' he continued.

Snoop thanked Nipsey: 'Thank you Nipsey, cuz. Thank you for being an outlet for bringing all the brothers together.'

Rapper T.I. also let out all of his pain on social media via his latest message that he had for his fans and followers about Nipsey.

TMZ has recently reported that Nip's family has eventually decided that the memorial service will take place on Thursday morning at the Staples Center in Downtown LA.

Let’s continue to pray for Lauren London and Nipsey’s family and friends.

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