Snoop Dogg Lands In Hot Water For Saying This About Gucci Mane's Wife. Keyshia Ka'oir, After Taking Jabs At R. Kelly

Snoop Dogg Lands In Hot Water For Saying This About Gucci Mane's Wife. Keyshia Ka'oir, After Taking Jabs At R. Kelly
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While Snoop Dogg is not a fan of Tekashi 6ix9ine and R. Kelly, he is all in for Gucci Mane, who cheated and humiliated Keyshia Ka'oir before marrying her.

Snoop shared a post praising Keyshia for accepting all the pain that Gucci Mane brought into their romance.

He wrote: "Everybody wants this, But what y'all forget is she was with Wild Gucci, on drugs Gucci, cheating Gucci, in jail Gucci, publicity with other women Gucci | This is Gucci after therapy / rehabilitation | This is a street Man Groomed in his 30's after he's been at his lowest | Point, this is a RIDER who knew what she signed up for, Yall other females is with another dude after a couple fights."

Women slammed snoop. One person said: "FIRST OF ALL, let’s end this bullsh*t idea that women are supposed to put up with a man’s foolishness in order to be seen as a good wife. F@ck how others see me, I’m worth more than that. Why should I have to suffer indefinitely, while you “get your stuff together”? I’m not your mother, nor am I your God. I’m your TEAMMATE. But even teams breakdown under certain circumstances. Once a woman has had enough, she’s had enough. And that’s a damn good mental space to be in. No one is gonna love me more than me, so I’ll be damned if I put myself through ALL THAT for a man who didn’t “ride for me” when he was with other women. Life is too short, and my happiness matters just as much as a man’s."

While Snoop is generally known for his relaxed attitude and the fact that he avoids trying to get into any social altercations, it looks like even he could not resist poking fun of the situation around Tekashi 6ix9ine lately.

Recent reports about Tekashi indicate that he has named various prominent figures as possibly involved with organized crime, including Cardi B and Jim Jones.

And this did not sit too well with Snoop, who was quick to comment on the situation and make fun of Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Snoop did this in a series of memes on his Instagram account, many of which ridiculed Tekashi for various reasons, and it looked like the legendary rapper had been preparing to unleash something like this for a while now.

One of the memes even referenced Kelly, dragging him into the situation as well. The meme simply said, "R. Kelly peed on me too," alluding to the legal battles that the R&B crooner has been going through lately.

The Chicago native is facing multiple different charges on several fronts and has been deeply entrenched in his legal battle for a while now.

Things definitely do not seem good for him, and while he still has the support of many of his fans, the same cannot be said for his fellow entertainers and other celebrities.

Many have taken the opportunity to express their disappointment with Kelly over the last few months, and it looks like the "Ignition (Remix)" singer might be a bit isolated in the celebrity world at this point.

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