Snoop Dogg Is Coming Out With A New Album

Snoop Dogg Is Coming Out With A New Album
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Snoop Dogg , the West Coast rapper, has been on top of the hip-hop world for years. Hot New Hip Hop reported today that the performing artist has a musical repertoire that spans across decades, and recently, he began working in gospel and reggae before finally coming back to rap music.

The response to Snoop Dogg 's venture into reggae and gospel was met with skepticism from some of his fans, but many were delighted to see his musical and artistic growth. With that said, there are a large number of people who are just glad to see him rapping over beats again.

Dogg took to his Instagram this weekend to confirm the rumors were true: he intends on dropping a new album in the hip-hop genre once again sometime in the coming months.

The rapper didn't write a caption in his post, but he showed off a video of a new track, and the clip starts with a photo of Snoop Dogg leaning up against an older vehicle. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Snoop Dogg will release Take It From A G in December of 2020, which is just one month away from now.

Reportedly, in the recording featured in Snoop Dogg's Instagram post, the rapper could be heard praising the Los Angeles Lakers and it also shows off his purple and gold vehicle which includes hydraulic acrobats as Snoop blares the song from his sound system.

As it was previously reported, the LA Lakers won their 17th championship which means they tied the Celtics for the most amount of wins ever. Take It From A G will be the success of Snoop Dogg 's last project, I Wanna Thank Me.


Earlier this year, Snoop Dogg was in the headlines when Ty Dolla $ign came out to say that one of his friends had overheard Snoop Dogg claiming that he was the "Nate Dogg" of the modern era for Ty's catchy hooks . Nate Dogg is most famous for his short melodic bars in popular hip-hop songs from the 1990s and 2000s.

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