Snoop Dogg Gives His Side Of The Story Regarding University Of Kansas Rally

Snoop Dogg Gives His Side Of The Story Regarding University Of Kansas Rally
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According to a report from, Snoop Dogg recently came out to respond to the complaints at the University Of Kansas, the college he performed at and subsequently stirred controversy due to the nature of the show.

Mr. Dogg found himself in the tabloid headlines regarding a performance at the aforementioned university for their Late Night in the Phog rally. The rapper put on a show in the midst of strippers dancing on poles among other Snoop Dogg-style theatrics.

Apparently, the athletic department wasn't happy with the concert and released a statement not long after apologizing for what they felt was an inappropriate concert considering they're normally known for engaging in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Video footage of the event was released on social media and the crowd could be heard screaming and yelling in joy as the rapper rained down dollar bills all over the strippers including some of the audience members there while Akon's classic track, "I Wanna F*ck You" played in the background.

Even though the people in the audience loved it, the athletic department wasn't pleased with the performance because of the mature theme. The Kansas Athletic Director, Jeff Long, wrote in his statement that they made sure to communicate to his managers that it was important for it to be "clean."

Long stated that he took responsibility for the event and then went on to apologize for the hurt feelings of some of the attendees. During an appearence on The Howard Stern Show, Snoop Dogg opened up about it.

The rapper said to the notorious talk show host that when someone "pays for Snoop Dogg," that's what they're going to get. Even though he took a bit of criticism, the 47-year-old entertainer isn't mad at the department, stating that he may have gotten them into a bit of trouble.

According to Snoop Dogg during his interview with Howard Stern claims CBS Sports, he doesn't regret any part of the show he put on and was happy to hang out with the basketball teams afterward.

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