Snoop Dogg Gets His Own Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

Snoop Dogg Gets His Own Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame!

It’s a huge milestone in Snoop Dogg’s career, and it's been a long time coming! Today, the rapper got his very own Hollywood Walk of Fame star, and he couldn’t be more excited to receive such an appreciation.

Snoop made sure to deliver a speech in front of the cheering crowd that had gathered to witness his big moment.

The rapper got a bit emotional while thanking everybody who has ever helped make the dream of having a Hollywood Walk of Fame star a reality!

He did not forget to express his love towards all of his fans either!

‘I've been coming to Hollywood for a long time, looking down at these stars and just imagining what it'd be like to be down there one day. And it's a great feeling to look out here and see all the people who really make me who I am: the fans,’ Snoop stated.

During the ceremony, the rapper was also surrounded by some of his A-list pals, the list including names such as Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, Jimmy Kimmel, Pharrell Williams, Warren G, John Singleton, Ty Dolla Sign, and Big Boi!

Reportedly, Jimmy Kimmel also had some great things to say about Snoop Dogg during the ceremony.

The whole thing has an even greater importance since it happened only 4 days prior to the 25 years anniversary of the rapper’s debut album – Doggystyle!

As diehard fans may remember, the release actually topped Billboard 200 back in 1993 and is considered, even today, one of the most critically acclaimed albums in the hip-hop industry, ever!

In the years since, the star has released other 16 solo studio albums in total!

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