Snoop Dogg Dropping Album Featuring Some Of His Most Controversial Songs In Lullaby Form!

Snoop Dogg Dropping Album Featuring Some Of His Most Controversial Songs In Lullaby Form!
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This is a very odd and unexpected concept but if someone can do it, it’s definitely Snoop Dogg! As it turns out, the rapper is planning on releasing lullaby versions of some of his most known songs, no matter how controversial the lyrics may be!

After pretty much owning every genre he’s done before, Snoop is now targeting a brand new market and making his songs kids-friendly!

The Source reports that he is currently working on releasing an album of just lullabies, a project that is set to be dropped in collaboration with Rockabye Baby! Music.

After all, they’re well known for transforming well known rap songs’ beats and turning them into great lullabies for babies.

Artists that have had some of their songs turned into such instrumentals that can put infants to sleep are, among others, Drake, Eminem and Kanye West.

With that being said, the fact that Snoop Dogg is joining that list is not as surprising as it seems when you hear it at first.

Since it’s just the beat being taken from the hit song and not the lyrics, there is no reason to worry that they will not be appropriate for the little ones.

While Snoop Dogg’s album will be released officially on December 6, some parents have already managed to get a vinyl version on Black Friday!

That being said, while his songs and image may not seem perfect for family entertainment, even songs like ‘Gin and Juice’ are featured!

Speaking of babies, unfortunately, Snoop experienced a tragic loss this year.

The rapper’s grandson, Kai Love, fathered by his 25 year old son Corde Broadus, passed away only ten days after being born.

Kai Love was Snoop’s fifth grandchild and the news was heartbreaking.

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