Snooki - Here's Why She Actually Left Jersey Shore!

Snooki - Here's Why She Actually Left Jersey Shore!
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Snooki took her fans as well as her co-stars by surprise when she abruptly left Jersey Shore! Now, one insider report claims to know the real reason why she quit!

Apparently, a lot leading up to her quitting the show, was ‘unfair’

These new supposed details about her departure come after Snooki already gave her reasons but as this new source claims, there is more to the story than the fans know.

She did talk about the drama on her podcast but did not go into much detail.

Now, the insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Nicole felt the show was heading in a direction that she wasn’t happy with so she left the show…She did not like how everything played out after Angelina [Pivarnick’s] wedding and feels she’s being painted unfairly.’

Another source previously told the same news outlet that Angelina is yet to forgive her bridesmaids, Snooki, JWoww and Deena, for their hurtful speeches at her wedding.

In fact, it’s such a bad memory for her now that she reportedly wants a re-do ceremony!

Regarding that, the source explained that Snooki ‘feels awful and never tried to ruin her day.’

You may be aware that the three bridesmaids, called the bride ‘the Staten Island dump’ and also mocked her for the number of times she was engaged before.

Of course, it seems like they were trying to joke around but Angelina was truly hurt and ended up storming out and crying at her own wedding.

Furthermore, Snooki also wants to leave the drama behind and just ‘focus on her family and business.’

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