Snooki Claims That She Was 'Forcing' Herself To Be Happy While Being On Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Snooki Claims That She Was 'Forcing' Herself To Be Happy While Being On Jersey Shore Family Vacation
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Snooki is getting real about her departure from Jersey Shore Family Vacation. It sounds like she has been wanting out for much longer than her recent announcement.

Nicole Polizzi shocked fans when she revealed on her podcast that she would not be returning to the show if there is a fourth season. She cited drama along with the way the show was headed and wanting more time with her kids as the problem.

However, this isn't a sudden decision for the reality star because she will reveal on a January episode of The Mel Robbins show that she was forcing herself to be happy.

'I think when I was, like, actually forcing myself to be in a situation that I wasn’t happy in. Like, I was forcing myself to be ‘happy,’ and I’m like, ‘That’s not me.’ I’m not genuinely happy. That’s when I’m like, ‘I’m out.’'

It wasn't an easy choice to leave the show either.

Snooki went on to say: 'It was really hard, but I had to think about my happiness and where I really wanted myself to be, and it’s being a mom and being [with my] kids and not drama and drinking … and drama.'

TMZ recently caught up with the mom of three and asked her if there was a spin-off in the works. She answered with a definite 'no' claiming that she wants her children to be better than her.

It's rumored that the drama that unfolded after she was recorded slamming co-star Angelina Pivarnick at her wedding was really what triggered her to say goodbye.

During the podcast announcement, Snooki revealed that her kids were getting 'death threats' which is very serious is today's climate.

Additionally, the clothing line owner went back to filming only a few months after having her newborn.

Do you think Snooki is making the right decision?

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