SNL Cast Member Shane Gillis Reportedly Apologized To Chris Gethard For Homophobic Jokes

SNL Cast Member Shane Gillis Reportedly Apologized To Chris Gethard For Homophobic Jokes
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According to a report from The Wrap, Shane Gillis came out to apologize to "anyone" he had really offended with his recently revealed podcast in which he used racially-charged slurs. While his initial apology was defiant, the SNL cast member has reportedly apologized to his fellow comic, Chris Gethard.

Speaking with reporters from The New York Times, Gethard claimed that Gillis spoke to him on the phone on Friday and said he was sorry after he called Gethard a "white f*ggot comic." Gillis hosts a podcast called, Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast, in which he made his comments.

Gillis, according to Vulture, also referred to Judd Apatow and other men as "f*cking gayer than ISIS." According to Gethard in his conversation with The Times, Shane said he called him to let him know that he definitely went a little overboard at times.

As it was previously reported, Gillis was announced as one of the three new cast members on SNL for this upcoming Thursday, including Bowen Yang as well as Chloe Fineman. Within just a few hours, Seth Simons, a media journalist, called attention to some of Gillis' past comments.

Simons took it upon himself to upload a video from September 2018 in which the two men talk smack to each other about various other comics and even locations, including Chinatown. Vulture claims that when they reached out to past clubs he has worked with, Shane has a history of using certain language that some venues find intolerable.

Gills, during his appearence at The Stand comedy club in the Big Apple on Thursday, claimed he was there to explain some of the contexts behind the comments he made.

In his apology letter, Gillis urged people to comb through his history as a comic, and they'll likely find many instances where he misses more than he makes the mark. However, it's never been his intention to offend anyone, the controversial comic remarked.

Some on social media have drawn comparisons between Shane Gillis' comments and that of Dave Chappelle in his Netflix special, Sticks and Stones . In Sticks and Stones, Dave jokes with the audience that they have become people who comb through others' history with the intention of ruining them.

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