Smokey Robinson Defends Jennifer Lopez's Motown Tribute At The Grammys

Smokey Robinson Defends Jennifer Lopez's Motown Tribute At The Grammys
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Smokey Robinson came to Jennifer Lopez's defense amid criticism for her Grammy Awards performance this year! Here is what he had to say about the whole situation!

As you may know, some supposed fans of Motown dragged J.Lo. after her tribute, arguing that she was not the right choice to do it.

However, Smokey thinks that could not be farther from the truth!

The artist took to social media to share a lengthy message, reading in part: ‘Attention, all those of you who protested the wonderful, super talented, world-renowned, superstar Jennifer Lopez, showing her love and support for Motown music, here is some food for thought.’

‘On the first day of Motown, Barry Gordy told the 5 of us who were present, 'I am going to start my own record company, and we are going to make music for everyone and always be sure to make quality music the whole world can enjoy.' And through the Grace of God and our hard work and determination, we accomplished that,’ he went on to say.

In other words, the idea is that a lot of people all around the world and of any race have grown up listening and imitating the acts of artists such as the Temptations, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and many more.

Smokey dragged people for narrowing down Motown’s scope as just music for black people and sending everyone hundreds of years back.

He explained that Motown’s inclusion and diversity is definitely a source of pride, so the reaction to Jennifer Lopez’s performance was disappointing.

After all, the label has broken so many racial barriers, Smokey argued.

Do you agree with his point of view or would you have still preferred someone else to perform the tribute?


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