Slimmed Down Mama June Wants To Put Her Daughters On A Diet – For Reality TV!

Slimmed Down Mama June Wants To Put Her Daughters On A Diet – For Reality TV!

It looks like after she managed to transform completely on her WE reality TV show, Mama June is now planning to not only change the looks of her daughters and help them become healthier but also pocket some money by televising their transformations as well.

Not even the most tempting food tastes as good as a fat paycheck, right? That is what the mother is thinking, especially because her own slimming down cost her no less than $75,000 reportedly from her own pocket!

During her transformation reality series, Mama June: From Not to Hot, many doctors advised her to put her kids on diets as well, in order for them to live healthier and longer lives and to not have to go through excruciating surgeries later on.

The newly slim Mama June thinks it’s a great idea to document the process of her daughters’ transformation as well and she is sure the concept will keep her relevant on the small screen longer!

“Mama June thinks that doing a show about getting her daughters in shape would be a big hit,” one insider close to the reality TV star claimed, adding that Alana “Honey Boo Boo” and Lauryn “Pumpkin” are going to hate the idea because they love food a lot and are not big fans of diets!

However, exactly this fact will undoubtedly start some great drama on the show, that Mama June is sure to attract many fans.

“Lauryn and Alana are going to fight for their right to eat fried food!” and Mama June and the entire team of nutritionists are going to force them to get in shape! Yay for reality TV!

Would you watch a show about Mama June’s daughters losing weight?

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