Slim Thug Apologizes After Calling Ciara's Husband Russell Wilson 'Corny' -- Rapper Said She Is With Him For Money

Slim Thug Apologizes After Calling Ciara's Husband Russell Wilson 'Corny' -- Rapper Said She Is With Him For Money
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Rapper Slim Thug sure found an odd way to grab headlines -- bash Ciara and her husband, Russell Wilson.

The famous MC from Houston, Texas, sat down for an interview with 97.9 The Box where he was asked to share his thoughts on a woman leaving a so-called bad boy for a more clean cut gentleman.

He apparently only knew of one example, Ciara who dated alleged bad boys like 50 Cent, a serial feuder on social media (ask Floyd Mayweather and Wendy Williams), Future, a serial baby daddy, who yesterday got emotional about not being able to find a wife, and Bow Wow who is very open about fighting his demons since a young age.

According to Slim Thug, Ciara is with "corny" Wilson for financial stability.

The rapper said: “No hate, I bought his shoes the other day… I’m just saying I have no personal issue with him, or her, God bless them."

He added: “He’s just a corny dude, ain’t nothing wrong with it.I'm not gonna say corny cause that’s hatin’, but he’s just like a square...I don’t believe a girl coming from a street dude could even adapt to that.”

One fan reacted by saying: "When a woman is looking at having a secure future, and not that Gangsta Chronicles life, you wise up. He doesn't know women, especially with kids, very well. Women like security and ultimate comfort. Betta recognize."

Another commenter explained: "He hating lol Russell seems to be an excellent right state of mind kind of guy so if that's something wrong then wtf? A woman can adapt to whatever she wants if she loves that man trust me...It is a sad day when MEN that are Christian, family oriented, step up and accept as well as love another man's son as his is own, that isn’t out chasing every piece of fake or real booty on the gram, and has a LEGIT career are considered corny or lame. Ciara LEVELED all the way UP! When God is in it...There is NO LIMIT! Believe that! When she was dealing with Future, she was a girl she started DEALING with Wilson and became a woman she matures what you used to like and what you want now is two different things he sounds dumb."

This third person shared: "Maybe she just liked and had a better connection with Russell. I mean no need to name call or say future a thug or Russell a square. They are only two different ppl who she dated one she married. It's not that deep. What would be the rationale if they both were "thugs" or "squares."

Slim did eventually apologize for going after the couple.

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