Skylar Richardson 'I Didn't Kill My Baby' Day Two Of Live Court TV Coverage Of Cheerleading Murder Trial — Vinnie Politan Weighs In

Skylar Richardson 'I Didn't Kill My Baby' Day Two Of Live Court TV Coverage Of Cheerleading Murder Trial — Vinnie Politan Weighs In
Credit: Source: Skylar Richardson/Family Photo/Court TV

Vinnie Politan is back on Court TV and every Thursday he leads a podcast about the newest and biggest court cases facing the country. This week, the nation is gripped with the cheerleading murder trial of Brooke Skylar Richardson who is accused of hiding her pregnancy from everyone, going to an Ohio doctor and obtaining birth control pills while pregnant, taking the pills, then secretly delivering the baby she named Annabelle, and subsequently burying the baby in her backyard.  Some say the case is reminiscent of the Casey Anthony trial, and Richardson, who was 17-years-old when she was pregnant and 18 when the baby was born, faces multiple charges regarding the death of her baby.

Court TV began streaming live coverage of Ohio vs Richardson on September 4, 2019, and are now on the second day of the trial. Court TV returned to the air in May and will be the exclusive home of the Harvey Weinstein trial that has now been postponed until January. The Cuba Gooding Jr., groping trial will also air on Court TV and is expected to start in October.

Live coverage will return Friday morning beginning at 8 am. On Thursday, the jury watched two hours of gripping testimony that was secretly recorded during Skylar Richardson's first police interview, on July 14, 2017. Also shown to the jury were conversations Skylar's parents Kim and Scott Richardson had with their daughter while she was under interrogation.

Here is a quick timeline of events from the case.

On April 26, 2017, Skylar went to Hilltop Obstetrics and Gynecology for an appointment to get birth control pills. While there, she was seen by Dr. William Andrew who discovered she was pregnant and at least in her third trimester. He explained that she was too far along for an abortion and that she would have a baby within approximately 10 weeks.

Though it has not clearly been explained, Skylar received a prescription for birth control pills that day and began taking them, even though she was pregnant. She then attended her senior prom on May 4, 2017, eight days following her appointment and discovering she was pregnant. She hid the pregnancy from her family and friends and never told anyone about the doctor's findings on April 26, 2017. According to Dr. William Andrew who testified on Wednesday, a fetal heartbeat was detected during that appointment.

Skylar told police that the night of the prom she began developing intense stomach pains. She felt these pains on May 4 and May 5. Skylar then testified that on May 7, 2017, she delivered a stillborn baby while seated on the toilet then buried the baby in her backyard.

The state of Ohio argues that the baby was alive and that Skylar murdered the baby before burying her.

You may hear Vinnie Politan discuss the case on Court TV below.

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Are you going to follow the upcoming Cuba Gooding Jr. and Harvey Weinstein trials? Skylar Richardson faces life in prison if convicted.


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