Sisters Kim And Kourtney Kardashians' Feud Is Reportedly Worse In Real Life!

Sisters Kim And Kourtney Kardashians' Feud Is Reportedly Worse In Real Life!
Credit: Source: E!

Kourtney Kardashian has always been a bit different than her sisters. Those differences may be manifesting into animosity after so many years according to a new report.

Last season on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, an argument between Kim and Kourtney went viral where the mother of four told the mother of three that she was the least interesting to look at. She also slammed her older sister's work ethic to which Kourtney openly admitted that working is just not her priority.

Kanye West's wife has always felt that she and Khloe have had to pick up the slack for their sibling who is more interested in being a mom than carrying her workload.

In a more recent episode of KUWK, the two argued over a multitude of things from Kourtney's style to Kim's attitude.

Scott Disick's ex told her friend over the phone: 'Kim and I just got into the biggest fight. She was just going so crazy. She’s sending me the meanest text messages, you would die. She’s like, ‘You’re the biggest ungrateful b****.’ So, then I said, ‘God! You’re such a petty woman.''

Meanwhile, Kim confided in their mother where she revealed she told Kourtney that she was a 'fake humanitarian h**.'

'I actually do s*** for the world and you f***** fake it all day long. And act like, ‘Oh! There’s people dying, Kim.’ And what the f*** are you doing about it? So, shut the f*** up.'

Radar Online reports that the feud is even worse off-camera.

'Kourtney has hated Kim for a couple of years now. She thinks she’s vapid and mean, and Kourtney has much better things to do with her time than kiss up to Kim. Kim, meanwhile, thinks Kourt should kiss up to her given she would be a nobody without her.'

Do you think that these siblings really aren't getting along?


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