Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Tells Her Critics To 'Shove It' Over Mommy Shaming

Sister Wives Star Maddie Brown Tells Her Critics To 'Shove It' Over Mommy Shaming
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Sister Wives star Maddie Brown - the daughter of Kody and Janelle Brown - recently welcomed her second child with husband Caleb Brush, and she has been keeping her fans up-to-date on social media with pics of her two little ones. But, a recent photo had the internet trolls flocking to her Instagram page to mommy shame the 23-year-old over the use of a pacifier.

Brown is now the mom of Evangalynn Kodi - who arrived on August 20th - and 2-year-old Axel James. But, when she posted a super sweet pic of herself with her two kids last month, all the critics could see was that Axel was sucking on a pacifier, and they let Brown know all about it.

She recently followed up with a pic of her and Axel - who still had a pacifier in his mouth - and she wrote in the caption that “Axel’s paci” had been a hot topic on her Instagram page, and she had received countless PMs and comments about it.

Brown said that she understands that many people are trying to be helpful, but it’s not helping her at all. Instead, the comments and messages make her feel worse because at one point she had successfully weaned Axel off of the pacifier.

"It’s something I set up evaluations for, talk to his teachers about, talk to his doctors about because I get so much flack on here it stresses me out that much,” wrote Brown.

The young mom was trying to make it clear that her son’s pacifier use was a personal issue, and she didn’t need anyone’s input. But, of course, that’s not how the internet works. The negative comments didn’t stop, so she added more to the caption, telling her fans “You do you Momma!” and she literally means that in the best way possible. Brown told her fans to do what is best for them, and she admitted that she sometimes forgets to do that herself.

Brown then revealed that the loving comments had started pouring in, and she had numerous moms reach out to her to say that they thought they were the only ones dealing with these issues, and they had heard the same things as Brown.

“I hope my raw and ‘shove it’ post helped other moms, who are in the trenches and may be struggling, to know that we are all a mess just living day to day here. Or at least I am,” wrote Brown. "Sometimes I let things get the better of me. Too often I get on Instagram and feel like I am doing something wrong.”

Brown added that she has to remind herself that Instagram is a highlight reel, and we all post the best pics of ourselves. She said that we forget that others are doing the same, and we get caught up in the “picture perfectness of it all.”

Maddie Brown explained that she posted because she knew she couldn’t be the only with these issues. And, she wrapped up her post by thanking her fans for the validation and love because sometimes the reassurance is nice.


TLC has not yet announced when Season 14 of Sister Wives will premiere. But, the speculation is that it will be later this year, or in early 2020.

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