Singer-Songwriter Pink Will Go On Musical Hiatus In 2020

Singer-Songwriter Pink Will Go On Musical Hiatus In 2020
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According to a report from, Pink made Wednesday night's CMA Awards very special. In addition to performing her track, "Love Me Anyway", alongside Mr. Chris Stapleton which was a delight for the singer, she also had the chance to perform in front of her family.

During a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, the 40-year-old singer discussed what it was like to bring her two children, Willow and Jameson, along with her husband, Carey Hart, to the Country Music Awards.

Pink said to the outlet that her family makes it a lot of fun for her. Additionally, the "Let's Get This Party Started" artist revealed it was Willow's second time at the Country Music Awards.

Not only did Pink talk about her performance in front of the audience which included her family, but Pink also discussed her upcoming wedding anniversary in January, a day on which the singer and her man will celebrate 14 years together.

The singer told the outlet that she and her man used to make their anniversary a very big thing, but now they just feel grateful to be together.

And while her marriage to her man is going great, as well as the rearing of her children, Pink has chosen to take a break from music in the following year after she just finished her world tour following Hurts 2B Human.

According to Pink, she and her family just went through two and a half years of performing and working on music, however, now that her child is back in school, she's got other more crucial priorities: that being her family.

Moreover, the singer claimed her husband has a lot of important activities going on in his life as well. Pink said her man follows her globally on tour, and now it's his turn to do what's important to him.

Another star to go on hiatus is Ed Sheeran. Rumor has it that the litany of lawsuits Ed found himself involved in led the singer-songwriter to take some time off music and performing.

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