Singer-Songwriter Duffy Reveals She Was Raped And Held Captive

Singer-Songwriter Duffy Reveals She Was Raped And Held Captive
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On Tuesday, the Grammy award-winning singer, Duffy, ended an Instagram hiatus with a post revealing that she had survived a terrible act of abuse. On the 25th of February, the singer-songwriter revealed she was "raped, drugged and held captive" over several days.

The 35-year-old Welsh artist claims she ultimately survived the incident, but it took time for her to recover. She stated that across the thousands of days over the last few years, she just wanted to feel the "sunshine" in her heart again, and that day has finally come.

According to the performing artist, she chose not to talk about the incident for years because she didn't want the world to see the "sadness" in her eyes. The star went on to say that in the coming weeks, she'll post an interview in which she tells her story in detail.

Fans of the singer-songwriter know that she hasn't released any new music in approximately five years. However, a few years ago, at a time when she was hiding from the limelight, a journalist discovered her and told Duffy to share her stories with the world.

Interestingly, at the end of her post, the 35-year-old singer asked for people to respect her privacy. Fans of the songstress know that she first came to prominence with her 2007 record, Rockferry, which later went gold in the United States and also 7x Platinum in the United Kingdom.

The success of her 2008 track, "Mercy," helped catapult her fame. Later, it was nominated for three awards at 2009's Grammys, going on to win the Best Pop Vocal Album award.

Coincidentally, Duff's story of abuse comes out a time when Harvey Weinstein was just convicted guilty on two sex abuse charges in a Manhattan Supreme Court.

The allegations against Harvey Weinstein were what sparked the movement at the ending of 2017. The conviction of the disgraced producer, to the proponents of the #MeToo movement, signifies a change in the culture. Since Weinstein was convicted, many celebrities have rejoiced in the decision.

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