Singer Jason Derulo Labeled As A Cornball By One Fan

Singer Jason Derulo Labeled As A Cornball By One Fan
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Jason Derulo has developed somewhat of a reputation over the last few years as being "corny," Hot New Hip Hop reported. Undoubtedly, there are several factors and elements to take into consideration when determining precisely what makes someone "corny."

One could argue that it has a lot more to do with feelings rather than a particular set of requirements and criteria. Reportedly, Jason's pop music, social media persona, and general vibe have led IG and Twitter users to describe him as easily one of the corniest artists right now.

Hot New Hip Hop pointed to his TikTok presence, especially one of his more recent posts in which he danced around while biting his lip and wearing a cut-off bunny rabbit sweater. A Twitter user took note of the video, describing Jason as "corny," and it even caught some steam among other users.

Jason Derulo, clearly taking it upon himself to see the bright side of things, thanked the Twitter user and said he got 500K followers as a consequence of the semi-viral tweet. He then went on to say that perhaps maybe they could use that same energy to create their own following.

Jason has made other comments and gestures for which he has been criticized on social media. For instance, he has developed a reputation as someone who likes to show off his body. This has even led to temporary bans at times.

Todd Malm reported back in February that when Jason, 30, was at LAX airport, he was asked by reporters whether there was something, in particular, he was insecure about. Jason said to the journalists that he felt bad about his feet.

According to Derulo, he isn't fond of his feet because he does a lot of dancing and running. In other words, they don't look as pretty as he'd like them to. The idea of Derulo being insecure about his body is shocking to many of his fans.

For instance, in 2019, Jason sparked social media backlash when he dropped photos of himself on IG and they were taken down by the moderators for being "inappropriate."

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