Sinead O'Connor Sings Nothing Compares To You, Talks Islam On The Late Late Show, Internet Goes Wild

Sinead O'Connor Sings Nothing Compares To You, Talks Islam On The Late Late Show, Internet Goes Wild
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Sinead O'Connor is a revolutionary woman of change. She never shies away from recreating herself. In fact, her name has officially been changed to Magda Davitt and she also converted from the religion she was born into, Catholicism, to Islam. Though many things may be different, including Sinead returning to Ireland's The Late Late Show wearing a full-length hijab, her voice remains the same. Sinead turns 53-years-old in December and there is no question her life's journey has been a difficult one. Maybe that is what gives her the grace to sing with such fortitude, strength, and power that each note pierces through spirit and resonates with beauty and hope.

Sinead's performance of "Nothing Compares to You," the first time sung on television since Sinead's conversion, has gone viral and drew rave reviews from listeners worldwide.

To suggest that Sinead would speak about her Islamic faith on an Irish program might make one think she is being thrown to the wolves, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. Comments from those who watched her performance and listened to her speak about her Islamic faith resounded with the theme that Sinead appears to be more at peace now than ever before.

You may see the video of Sinead O'Connor singing "Nothing Compares To You" below. Sinead posted the video on her official Twitter account which is under her new name Magda Davitt.

Speaking about her Islamic faith, Sinead says that being Muslim is a headset or a way of thinking rather than a specific ideology. She said that by the time she read the second chapter in the Quran, she realized she has always been Muslim. She was drawn to the teaching that the only thing in the universe worthy of worship is God and God alone.

One person who watched Sinead's interview with The Late Late Show host Ryan Tubridy made the following comment.

"She seems very in control of herself and her thoughts. Not what I was expecting. Very encouraging and nice to see Sinead at peace."

That person wasn't alone with their observation. In fact, many people responded that they felt the version of "Nothing Compares to You," that she sang in tribute to Prince, was the best performance she'd given in over a decade. What do you think of Sinead's thoughts about Islam and her musical performances? Were you surprised that she converted to Islam?

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