Sinead O’Connor Says Prince Was ‘Violent’ Towards Women When He ‘Used Hard Drugs’ During Shocking Interview!

Sinead O’Connor Says Prince Was ‘Violent’ Towards Women When He ‘Used Hard Drugs’ During Shocking Interview!

An older interview of Sinead O’Connor has been released, and her claims about the late legend Prince are truly terrifying. She revealed that the singer was not only addicted to hard drugs but was even abusive towards women, including her!

Soon after Prince’s passing in April of 2016, Sinead O’Connor got interviewed over the phone by the Carver County Sheriffs’ Department.

The woman was asked about the iconic star as she had known him and his lifestyle for many years.

Now, two years later, the recording has been released.

‘Everyone is mistaken who believes he didn’t have a drug habit the [entirety] of his life. He used hard drugs commonly. I know this because I spent time with the man,’ she started.

What is even more shocking is that Sinead claimed Prince would be abusive towards females when he was consuming certain substances.

‘When he would come out of the room he’d be very violent, aggressive, his eyeballs would disappear, literally, from his eyes. They vanished. And he’d been very violent, and these women will be coming forward over time. He’d been extremely violent to a number of women in his life, including myself. Several women were put in hospital while Prince was under the effects of these medications.’

Sinead went on to detail one of the times she was his victim.

‘He tried to beat the sh*t out of me. I had to escape out of his home in the middle of the night once. I managed to escape. He had me locked in, ready to beat the sh*t out of me because he had gone upstairs and taken some weird drug. When he came back he was very violent, and the eyeballs were disappearing, and I am scared sh*tless… This was not a nice man. I always joked that they did not call him Prince for nothing.’

Interestingly enough, the 51-year-old singer also revealed why Prince decided not to release his Black Album.

‘The reason, he told me himself, was that he'd been taking so many drugs that he thought he had a vision from God and He had told him the album was evil and was not to release it, okay.’

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