Simon Cowell, a picture that lets us see more than we would like

Simon Cowell, a picture that lets us see more than we would like
Source: Huffington Post

We all know how Simon Cowell is so cool sitting in his X Factor chair, whether he is at home or at the Wembley Stadium. However, he got even more relaxed on Saturday night, when he seemed to have encountered a wardrobe malfunction while he was in the judges' houses.

The media mogul, who is 56, was listening to the contestants while he sat in between Emma Bunton and Mel B on the sofa. He chose a position with one leg folded against the other. Nothing wrong until now, just that his position and the fact that he was not wearing any socks led to a very weird image, which Twitter users thought initially to be an indecent one.

Someone even commented on Twitter that perhaps the star was enjoying the auditions too much, referring to the fact that his toe from in between his legs resembled a different body part. He has also raised some issues with the comments he made about Samantha Lavery, the 17-year-old contestant. His request for her to take off the makeup she was wearing seemed to have been too much for some fans.

Others even suggested that she should have told him about his wardrobe malfunction when he asked her  to remove her make-up. In the episode, Cowell said that the finalist was somewhat distant towards Emma Bunton and Mel B, his guest judges. He even attacked her "pop star image", saying that he would have loved to meet her without this image she created about herself.

Simon added the makeup she uses is like a mask and that he would like to see her without it. At the same time, Emma and Mel were not too impressed by what Cowell said, and even supported the young girl saying that she has the right to experiment and that it's what kids do.


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