Sidney Poitier's Family Is Missing In The Bahamas As Experts Say Hurricane Dorian's Death Toll May Be In The Thousands

Sidney Poitier's Family Is Missing In The Bahamas As Experts Say Hurricane Dorian's Death Toll May Be In The Thousands
Credit: Source: Sidney Poitier/Blackboard Jungle/MGM

Oscar-winning actor Sidney Poitier is among the countless searching for loved ones who have been directly impacted from Hurricane Dorian's deadly destruction. The Bahamian death toll is currently at 43 and experts believe that number may jump into the thousands. Right now, rescue and relief efforts are underway to locate the living who are stranded and cut off from communication due to Hurricane Dorian's wrath. More than 70,000 people are believed to be displaced and those people need help. Only after efforts are spent on the living will there be a true accounting of those who have perished.

Sidney Poitier, 92, grew up in both the United States and the Bahamas with many of his relatives still living there. According to his nephew, Jeffrey Poitier, 66, those relatives are unaccounted for and no one has heard from them since Hurricane Dorian stalled over the Bahamas last week. Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas on September 1, 2019, as a category 5.

According to Jeffrey Poitier, twenty-three members of their family are missing.

The Daily Mail quoted Jeffrey Poitier who stated the following.

"We still couldn't find anyone, nor have we heard from them. We are still looking for and waiting for them to appear soon. It has us all worried. We are trying to reach out to them using every means available to us but we are not hearing anything. We are deeply worried."

You may see the Daily Mail's report below.

The publication also reported that Sidney Poitier's extended family includes approximately 500 Bahamians whose parents were born in the Bahamas then relocated to Miami. Sidney Poitier grew up in both Miami and the Bahamas. Communications are down and the situation is very dire in the Bahamas.

Florida Senator Rick Scott visited the area, as he and other Florida leaders are well familiar with the destruction hurricanes cause, and has called for the nation to offer their support to those in need. Those who wish to help people affected by Hurricane Dorian will find the best way is to make financial donations to the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations that have boots on the ground and are in actively engaging in relief efforts. Jeffrey Poitier stated he hopes to fly to Freeport and try to locate his family members, including his sister, himself.


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