Sia Says She Talked Maddie Ziegler Out Of Going On A Plane With 'Disgusting' Harvey Weinstein

Sia Says She Talked Maddie Ziegler Out Of Going On A Plane With 'Disgusting' Harvey Weinstein
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Sia, the singer-songwriter, said on  The Zach Sang Show  today that she discouraged the mother of Maddie Ziegler from allowing her daughter to take a plane on which Harvey Weinstein was present.

The performer said she always felt the urge to protect Ziegler, who starred in her 2014 music video when she was 11. According to a report from The Independent, Sia told Maddie's mother that it was a terrible idea for Maddie to take the same plane as Harvey Weinstein.

Sia admitted to herself that there have been many times where her insight and precautionary measures ultimately turned out fruitful. Regarding Weinstein's crimes, the singer-songwriter said they were "disgusting."

It's not clear at what age Maddie was when Sia's warning came to be, however, Ziegler is now 17-years-old.

Fans of Ziegler know that she first accrued attention in the mainstream culture with the series, Dance Moms. Sia discovered her there and asked her on Twitter if she wanted to perform for her music video. Ziegler will go on to star in West Side Story from Steven Spielberg.

These days, Harvey Weinstein's situation is a lot more harrowing. The formerly respected movie producer is now serving a 23-year prison sentence at Wende Correctional Facility near Buffalo, New York. Weinstein was charged with two of five felonies.

Sia, on the other hand, recently became a grandmother. The star said in a new interview with Zane Lowe that one of the sons she adopted in 2019 had become a father.

Earlier this year, Sia was in the headlines again when she spoke on the issue of police brutality in the United States. The singer-songwriter took to her social media account without her wig to address the deaths of Breonna Taylor and Elijah McCain.

Breonna Taylor was shot to death by the authorities after they mistakenly burst into her home and Taylor's boyfriend began firing at them. There was a brief shoot-out in which Taylor was killed. 

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