Showrunner of "Power" Courtney Kemp Says Her Show Isn't Just About Black People

Showrunner of "Power" Courtney Kemp Says Her Show Isn't Just About Black People

Approximately 6,000 people visited Radio City Music Hall last Thursday in New York City to attend the Season 5 premiere of the TV series, Power , starring an ensemble class including the rapper, 50 Cent. According to reports, Power  is the second highest rated show on cable television.

Just a few moments before 50 Cent performed the show's theme song, "Big Rich Town," the showrunner of the popular series, Courtney Kemp, reminded everyone attending the premiere that the show marks a huge milestone for "diversity and inclusion in this country."

Courtney said the series "isn't a black show," and it's a "white show," it's one that represents New York. She added, "it's full of the ethnicity, personality, and downright swagger in this room tonight."

Kemp, 41, explained that the faces in the crowd show the necessity for representing the population of the United States.

However, according to 50 Cent, Power isn't treated fairly by the network that airs it, Starz. Deadline revealed last year in June that Power was in the second spot behind Game Of Thrones.

The very first episode of the fourth season last year gathered around 3.26 million viewers, making it the second highest season debut on Starz, ever.

Despite its success - according to the rapper - the network has failed to invest in awards and marketing, and 50 asked fans to boycott the network because of this.

50 Cent - or Curtis Jackson -  claims Starz doesn't try and get Emmy's like other networks do, insinuating that it has something to with the relatively all-black cast. 50 Cent, 42, said it was the "biggest invisible show ever."

As for how long it's going to go on, Jackson explained previously that they told network executives it would last for at least seven seasons. Even though it doesn't get much love from the network, fans will surely keep tuning in until its end.

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