Shia LaBeouf's Lawyer Claims He's Seeking Professional Help After FKA Twigs Lawsuit!

Shia LaBeouf's Lawyer Claims He's Seeking Professional Help After FKA Twigs Lawsuit!
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According to the actor's legal representative, he 'needs help' and so, they are reportedly pursuing a 'long-term inpatient treatment' program in order to get better. As you might have heard by now, Shia LaBeouf has been accused of sexual misconduct by his ex, FKA twigs .

More precisely, the musician mentioned the following accusations in her lawsuit filing: sexual battery, assault and the infliction of emotional distress upon her!

Not only that but, she even accused her ex of knowingly giving her an STD!

At this point in time, Shia is yet to be charged with any crime but he's admitted that he has issues in a statement.

Now, his attorney, Shawn Holley shared via E! News that 'Shia needs help and he knows that. We're actively seeking the kind of meaningful, intensive, long term inpatient treatment he desperately needs.'

FKA twigs and one more accuser have also opened up about their experience dating Shia in an interview for the New York Times.

While he is apparently seeking help at this point, this comes after FKA twigs' lawyer, Bryan Freedman, told Variety that she decided to file the lawsuit precisely after her actor ex refused to 'get appropriate help.'

'This is not about Shia's career. This is about making sure that the trauma and pain inflicted on my clients and others does not happen again. Shia's an admitted abuser and needs to get meaningful help that addresses his violent behaviour,' the lawyer stated.

As per Variety, however, it seems like Shia's lawyer is denying the claims that he refused to seek help and settle things with FKA twigs in private.


'When these allegations came up a year ago, LaBeouf immediately accepted responsibility for the things he'd done wrong and expressed willingness to do what Twigs wanted him to, almost all of which were perfectly reasonable.'

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