Shia LaBeouf Moved To An Isolated Cabin In Finland - Here's The Reason

Shia LaBeouf Moved To An Isolated Cabin In Finland - Here's The Reason

During the last five years, Shia has been involved in many self-inflicted off-screen dramas - spectacles that have affected his career.

He has been charged with many alcohol-related arrests including a public firing from the 2013 Broadway play called "Orphans." He was even accused of plagiarism because of a short film he directed in the same year.

His biggest ordeal came in 2014. The actor, drunk on whiskey, was causing such a show that police officers had to take him to jail while he was watching a Broadway performance of "Cabaret."

At the beginning of January, the Man Down director was arrested in New York City for getting into a fight during a live stream of his political protest. Eventually, the charges were dropped due to there being insufficient evidence to indict him.

Surprise, surprise, but now it looks like the 30-year-old actor will be out of public eye.

The controversial actor is planning to remove himself entirely from society while living in a cabin in the remote land of Lapland, Finland.

No, he has not gone crazy, he's collaborating with a Helsinki museum for a project called ALLALONGTOGETHER where Shia will only communicate with visitors by texting.

Apparently, this project is to prove how technology, specifically text messaging, has slowly replaced the necessity of actual human contact, and to answer a very complicated question.

Are connections solely through technology enough to keep us sane?

Nastja Ronkko and Luke Turner - members of LaBeouf's art team - will be participating as well but they will have their own cabins. The entire art project will be streaming live starting today.

No one really knows what this venture will bring, but fans are expecting the usual over-the-topic antics. Shia isn't the most subtle guy on earth, especially when it comes to performance art.

Recently, the 30-year-old actor was booted out of a bowling alley in Los Angeles after getting into a fight with a staff member over french fries.

Maybe Shia does need to take some time off to clear his mind.

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