Shia Labeouf Childhood Friend Details His Abuse Of Women Since A Young Age

Shia Labeouf Childhood Friend Details His Abuse Of Women Since A Young Age
Credit: Source: The Hindu

Shia Labeouf may be one of the greatest method actors of his generation but the 34-year-old is deeply troubled. Unfortunately, his alleged actions have affected another woman to the point of her suffering from PTSD.

FKA Twigs and the Disney Channel alum dated after starring in Honey Boy together. Recently, the musician revealed that she was filing a lawsuit against the actor for sexual battery.

She described a series of terrible experiences she went through while dating Shia including physical abuse, emotional distress, and deception resulting in her getting an STD.

In one particularly disturbing incident, she claims Labeouf threatened to crash the car unless she professed her love for him. She revealed that in order to prepare for a role in a movie, he drove around and shot stray dogs.

In other shocking events, Shia allegedly woke FKA up out of her sleep by squeezing her arms and choking her.

All of this has caused her severe trauma.

According to a source close to Shia, this behavior isn't new at all.

Singer Katy Rose told Page Six: 'I grew up with Shia LaBeouf in Los Angeles. We were working kids in the entertainment business at the same time and he groped me violently at a party in the Hollywood Hills. Shia was always aggressive towards girls, myself included, while we were growing up in Hollywood. He did grope me at a party when I was 14 … multiple times, on different occasions. He was always a scary guy. I felt very threatened by him.'

Other sources close to Shia feel that his upbringing and alcoholism have contributed to the person he is today.


According to the actor's lawyers, the lawsuit is a complete surprise because nearly a year ago -- the two came to an agreement that he would seek therapy and donate to charity but fka dropped out of negotiations at the last minute.

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