Shia LaBeouf Arrested at His Marathon Trump Protest

Shia LaBeouf Arrested at His Marathon Trump Protest
Source: The Boston Globe

As we previously reported, Jaden Smith and Shia LaBeouf joined forces for an elaborate 4-year protest campaign against Donald Trump. It looks like the latter has finally gotten into trouble, not for protesting (which he has a right to), but for being violent and starting a fight with another protester.

According to a TMZ report, the former 'Transformers' star was taken away by NYPD officers while in handcuffs, after his marathon protest in New York became the site of a noisy altercation with another protester.

The arrest was captured by LaBeouf’s own “He Will Not Divide Us” live stream, which has been going on since the inauguration of President Trump.

According to police reports, the trouble started when a man walked in front of LaBeouf’s mounted camera and said something.

There are no details on what the unnamed person said to the camera, but it is possibly related to President Trump or LaBeouf’s protest. LaBeouf became visibly agitated and grabbed the man’s scarf, allegedly scratching the person in the process.

The NYPD were present and on full alert at the protest site at the time, so officers were able to move in easily once the commotion started to happen. According to the reports LaBeouf was not booked immediately, but may be facing a misdemeanor assault charge should the other person press charges.

On the other hand, LaBeouf’s co-protestor Jaden Smith was nowhere to be found during the event. It seems like he might not be making any appearance soon as the actor has admitted on his Instagram that he is at home in Los Angeles and not feeling “too well,” wanting to get away from LA’s “bad waves.” The young actor did not elaborate on whether he was physically ill or just emotionally despondent over failing to secure a driver’s license.


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