Sheryl Crow Opens Up About Love — Says She's Drawn To Pathological Narcissists

Sheryl Crow Opens Up About Love — Says She's Drawn To Pathological Narcissists
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Sheryl Crow recently opened up about love as she spoke to Dax Shepherd for his podcast Armchair Expert. During the interview she discussed her childhood, her musical career, becoming a mother, battling cancer, and the men she's loved. She explained that she had chosen men who were high achievers but she also referred to them as being pathological narcissists.  She made a point not to name anyone specifically but it didn't take listeners long to start guessing who she was speaking about. Some of Sheryl Crow's high profile relationships include Lance Armstrong, Owen Wilson, and Eric Clapton. Though she didn't specifically call the men narcissists in her interview, listeners put two and two together and now people are definitely talking about the men and Sheryl's interview. Sheryl Crow stated the following.

"I've picked some very high-achieving men. I think that it took me until I got diagnosed with breast cancer to figure out that love is not something that you tap-dance to get. hat was my relationship with my work. My relationship in the universe. I picked people that demanded that of me. I mean — I’ve picked some very high-achieving men."

You may see the full interview with Sheryl Crow and Dax Shepherd below.

Sheryl also made it clear that she views her life as before and after her breast cancer diagnosis. It's been 14 years since Sheryl received the devastating news at just 44-years-old. She had been healthy and the disease came as a sudden shock. Fortunately, she caught it in the early stages and has had a successful recovery.

Still, Sheryl explained how battling cancer helped her view her life through a new perspective and shed light on her past relationships.

Her cancer battle also taught her the importance of self-care and putting herself first. Today, the 58-year-old beauty, nine-time Grammy Winner and single mother of 12-year-old Wyatt and 9-year-old Levi has learned how to put herself first so that she isn't down at the bottom where others walk all over her.

Additionally, Sheryl Crow made it clear that she still has love in her heart for all the men she's loved before. She stated the following.

"Every person that I have loved, I still love. There was a reason why I loved them."

What do you think about Sheryl Crow's comments? Can you relate to what she is saying?

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