Shervin Roohparvar’s Side Chick Caught Him Lying By Watching ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ - ‘I Felt Sick!’

Shervin Roohparvar’s Side Chick Caught Him Lying By Watching ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ - ‘I Felt Sick!’

Despite being in a relationship, Shervin Roohparvar had an affair with another woman that lasted a couple of days. Here’s how the one he cheated with realized she was the side chick.

Social media entertainer Melissa Flentzeris had a fling with him back in May.

But while watching an episode of his Bravo show, she soon realized he was already in a relationship with Annalise Carbone.

‘I looked up Annalise on Facebook, and the first post I see is her name being tagged in pictures of Shervin’s new apartment, the same one I went to. The interior designer tagged Shervin and her in these pics. In the comments, Annalise was thanking him for making her dream home! My heart sank. I could not believe it,’ the woman revealed.

Flentzeris proceeded to check out her Instagram account as well, and that did not make her feel better at all – it was clear the man she was really starting to like was taken and a cheater.

The side chick went on to reveal that Shervin tried to contact her a few days ago but she ignored his calls, not wanting to have anything to do with him anymore.

Also from the show, Flentzeris learned that she is not the only woman with whom he cheated on Annalise.

Despite the man denying it, Tara also claimed they were intimate.

The two started talking back in the summer of 2015.

At the time, she reached out to him to propose a video collab.

For two years they just kept in touch online until Australia-based Flentzeris had a trip to Los Angeles and met him in person.

That is when they had intercourse, and he acted as if he really liked her asking her to stay the night.

Then they met the next day as well, and the same thing happened.

For a couple of days and nights, they were just the two of them in the world, and Flentzeris felt like she could really see herself with him for a long time.

Her dreams were crushed when she watched the episode.


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