Sheree Whitfield Sees A Future With Tyrone Gilliams But Won't Marry Someone In Prison

Sheree Whitfield Sees A Future With Tyrone Gilliams But Won't Marry Someone In Prison
Source: Bravo

Sheree Whitfield's storyline for season ten of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" revolved around her relationship with the incarcerated Tyrone Gilliams. The relationship was so serious that they were rumored to be engaged. Unfortunately, Tyrone will not be getting out as soon as the lovebirds expected him to which puts their alleged engagement on hold.

Sheree's tune has changed from decorating her chateau with a gym room fit to his standards to now being open to dating other people. The "RHOA" alum revealed that she refuses to marry someone behind bars and that if someone else comes along in the meantime-- it's fair game.

However, Tyrone still has a huge chance of marrying his lady love because no one is catching her attention so far. If she is still single when he's finally released, she can see a future with him.

"I meet people all the time and the crazy thing is, no one has been able to hold my attention or grab it. No one has been able to get in my mind and my head. He is still around, but I say at the same time, I love him and I have said it before, if he comes home and I am still available and everything is great, what he is doing and what he says he is going to do, then absolutely I can see a future," explained Whitfield.


Meanwhile, Sheree is focusing on multiple business ventures. As stated during the reunion show, she will be introducing a line of joggers.

Additionally, she is working on her very own rug line inspired by her passion for interior design.

She announced on Instagram in a caption that read: "As you all know I have a huge love for interior design & fashion (yes, #SBS #Joggers will b on time as expected in Sept) but another one of the major projects I'm working on now is my own rug line!!!! Im super excited about this as I absolutely luv. Luv. Luv this creative stage! #obsessed Come out to meet me for cocktails, book signing, & discussing my new rug line."

Do you think Sheree should wait for Tyrone?


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  • Sindy
    Sindy Aug 17, 2018 6:04 AM PDT

    Nothing seems to hold your attention long. Same with all the ideas for businesses you come up with.

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