She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Director Kat Coiro Reveals What Happened To The 10th Episode Of The Show

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Director Kat Coiro Reveals What Happened To The 10th Episode Of The Show

Marvel's final Disney+ series in phase 4, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law recently came to an end, and the finale of the show received praise from audiences and critics that initially had mixed feelings about the show. However, things didn't quite go as planned for the show. When the series was originally announced, Marvel had said that the story of She-Hulk AKA Jennifer Walters would be told across 10 episodes, however, in the end, the show only lasted for 9 episodes which made fans wonder what happened to that 10th episode and what was in it that Marvel deemed was not necessary to include in the show.

In a recent interview, the director of the series, Kat Coiro revealed that fans should not bother looking for the 10th episode as it wasn't actually shot at all. The director revealed that Marvel simply gives its creatives enough freedom that if they feel a story has been told adequately, then they need not fit in an extra episode just to fill the time.

Here is Kat Coiro's full quote while speaking to The Direct:

“One of the most amazing experiences I’ve had as a creator and as an artist is Marvel is not bound by the same rules as, you know, other TV shows that have to be 22 minutes. And the story really dictated the length of the season. And so as the story came into focus and as we started putting the pieces together, it landed at nine. It could’ve been eight, it could’ve been eleven. And it’s the same with the length of the episodes. There isn’t a number you have to hit. It really is, ‘What’s best for this episode,’ which, in my opinion, is how it should be.”

9 episodes of the show were packed with amazing storylines, action, cameos, and enough content to set up a lot of future shows and movies although what the future holds for the main character of the series; She-Hulk herself, was not set up in any way and remains a complete mystery.


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