She Has Decided! Kailyn Lowry Tells All On Meaning Behind Son’s Name!

She Has Decided! Kailyn Lowry Tells All On Meaning Behind Son’s Name!

The reality TV star claimed that the name has always been in the back of her mind. Kailyn Lowry revealed the meaning behind her third son’s name!

We have learned that the mother of three has finally picked a name for her newborn son with Chris Lopez.

In an exclusive interview, the star revealed how she came up with it.

Apparently, it doesn’t have any deep meaning for her or her family but it was something that she stumbled across many years ago, and it stuck in her mind.

However, despite the fact that she has finally named Baby Lo, Lowry still refused to share her decision with the fans and the star had a very good reason – she might still change her mind.

‘I’ve not filled out legal paperwork yet. There’s always room for me to change my mind on the name. That is why I have not announced it yet. But once I do fill out the paperwork I am going to announce it,’ she explained.

As fans of Teen Mom already know, Lowry welcomed her third son with her former boyfriend Chris Lopez back in August.

As she couldn’t decide on a name for the new addition to the family, she has been calling him Baby Lo.

What do you think is the name that has stuck with Kailyn so many years and she thinks it suits her third baby? Do you believe she'll change her mind?

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