Shay Mitchell’s Boyfriend Raves Over Her After Revealing Pregnancy!

Shay Mitchell’s Boyfriend Raves Over Her After Revealing Pregnancy!
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The actress’ boyfriend and future baby daddy took to social media to post a super sweet message about her becoming a mother. Matte Babel shared a gorgeous pic of Shay Mitchell in which she was showing off her baby bump and left the heartwarming message in the caption!

It is very clear that Shay’s significant other is looking forward to parenthood when she gives birth.

‘Watching the both of you grow over the past six months has been the most beautiful thing in the world. The strength, the vulnerability and grace you have had during this pregnancy have left me in awe, you are going to be an incredible mom…We are lucky to have you, love you,’ Babel wrote. So sweet!

This came after the Pretty Little Liars star shared the big news with the world.

The reveal was even more special since the actress previously suffered a miscarriage.

But this time around, she was confident and happy to announce that she is going to be a mom now that the pregnancy is in a safe stage.

To announce it, she posted a topless picture, putting the growing belly on display.

Alongside it, she jokingly asked: ‘Does this mean I am allowed to drive in the carpool lane at all times now?’

Aside from that, the star uploaded a video as well, in which she documented her experience while carrying, including a sweet moment with her future baby daddy cradling her bump and telling her she looks beautiful. Aww....

The said clip is actually part of an upcoming docu-series on YouTube titled Almost Ready, which will continue to keep up with Shay’s pregnancy.

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