Shay Mitchell Shares Her Due Date And It's Surprisingly Soon!

Shay Mitchell Shares Her Due Date And It's Surprisingly Soon!
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Shay Mitchell is looking forward to becoming a mom for the first time and it turns out that it might happen sooner than you may have thought! The actress went live on YouTube for a Q&A earlier today alongside her boyfriend Matte Babel and the two talked about the due date with her subscribers, among other things.

When a fan asked about it, Matte said that ‘Early October is when she is due.’

He went on to mention that if it really happens, that would make their daughter a Libra, just like him.

‘Matte is so set on her coming out and being a Libra,’ the actress pointed out.

‘Yeah, I want her to be a Libra. 'Cause then, while I'm outnumbered by gender, we're similar in terms of personalities,’ the father to be explained.

But he may be out of luck since Mitchell is pretty hopeful their first baby would be born sooner than that.

According to her, she is due in late September or October.

While there was not a exact answer to their fan’s question, it can only be concluded that there is really not much time left until the happy couple gets to meet their offspring.

Last month, they found out the unborn baby’s sex during a gender reveal party attended by their close friends and family members.

The method used to find out was pretty out there and quite creative.

The actress’ assistant hired two people dressed as Power Rangers who ‘fought,’ the pink one winning!

While the future parents were certain they would have a boy before that, they were surprised to learn the opposite.

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