Shay Mitchell Praises Baby Girl Atlas After Giving Birth Earlier This Year

Shay Mitchell Praises Baby Girl Atlas After Giving Birth Earlier This Year
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According to a report from, Shay Mitchell recently came out to share her love for her daughter, Atlas, whom she gave birth to earlier this year. During a conversation with Us Weekly at the Revolve Awards on the 15th of November, Friday, the 32-year-old stated, "I'm really lucky, really lucky."

Mitchell added that Atlas, who's a 1-year-old girl, was a very "easy baby" to work with thus far. However, it's only been one month, so there is still some time that needs to pass yet before she determines what baby Atlas is really like.

As it was previously reported, Shay and her man, Matte Babel, revealed that she had given birth to their 1-month-old daughter on the 20th of October. In an Instagram post of their baby, she wrote in the caption, "never letting go."

Fans of the actress know she was initially quite reluctant at the idea of revealing the news of her pregnancy. In fact, it wasn't until she was six months into the pregnancy that she actually decided to let her social media following know.

Back in June of this year, Shay posted a picture of herself without a top on and asked rhetorically in the caption if being pregnant meant she was able to drive in the carpool lane. While she felt keeping her pregnancy a secret was a good idea at the time, she eventually realized it was likely the root cause of her depression.

Speaking with Hatchland in October of this year, Shay admitted she had heard the term, "post-partum depression," on a number of occasions, however, it wasn't until she actually experienced it that she fully grasped its meaning.

Mitchell shared with the outlet that the feelings of depression came as a shock to her, and the sense of isolation she had felt was "crippling." The Pretty Little Liars alum explained that she didn't know what was happening, because nobody ever told her about that phase, or explained what it was really like.

Furthermore, the actress claimed it was probably part of the reason she was putting on a lot of weight without actually appearing to show a bump.

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