Shay Mitchell Has The Craziest Gender Reveal Party Ever - Check Out The Video!

Shay Mitchell Has The Craziest Gender Reveal Party Ever - Check Out The Video!
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Well, she warned us all in the title but Shay Mitchell’s baby sex reveal was even wilder than anyone could’ve imagined! The actress had a very special and, definitely unforgettable, experience revealing her yet unborn baby’s sex and she filmed it all for YouTube!

Ever since announcing her pregnancy, Shay has been updating her fans on the journey a lot.

She first took everyone by surprise by revealing the baby bump pics all of a sudden and now, she shocked them again, this time with her unusual gender reveal party.

But given her reaction, it looks like she was just as oblivious about the method they would use as everyone else!

So what happened was that the actress’ assistant hired two Power Rangers, one pink and one blue!

‘A blue power ranger…. I knew it [that we're having a boy]! Wait, what… we're not having twins,’ she shouted upon seeing the second Power Ranger appear.

Then, the two characters started their battle choreography in front of the future mom and her baby daddy, Matte Babel.

Eventually, the intense play-fight landed them in the pool and after some more fighting, the pink one won and fell into the arms of the future parents.

‘Can you guys just say if it's a girl or a boy?!’ Matte joked.

‘Oh my god, everybody freaking knew!’ Shay exclaimed.

Indeed, 6 out of the 8 people they asked guessed they were having a baby girl but the parents themselves were certain it had to be a boy!

Regardless, Shay said she was ‘obviously’ happy to have a daughter.

Earlier in the video, she had joked, however, that ‘I truly think I am having a boy because, ugh, just the retribution of having a girl. My parents would look at me and just be like, 'It's karma b**ch.’’

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