Shay Mitchell Goes Viral With New Pregnancy Swimsuit Photos ā€” Is Simply Gorgeous

Shay Mitchell Goes Viral With New Pregnancy Swimsuit Photos ā€” Is Simply Gorgeous
Credit: Source: Shay Mitchell/Instagram

Shay Mitchell is breaking the Internet once again after sharing new pregnancy photos while wearing her bikini. Shay is enjoying one of the most glamorous pregnancies in history and looks simply gorgeous in her new pictures. Sharing the photos with her 25 million Instagram followers, Shay stunned. Her skin is flawless and if she is having any of the aches and pains associated with a pregnancy she certainly isn't letting them stop her. Shay wore a neon-yellow green bikini and wore her hair in thick cornrows. She protected her eyes from the sun's ultraviolet rays with a pair of protective sunglasses.

Covering her bathing suit with a black, crochet crop top and skirt from Revolve, Shay took several more photos where she stood against rocks and let her baby bump be on full display. In the last photo, Shay stood in the water while holding a bag. Many people responded with praise for Shay's beauty and her effortless style and grace she continues to display throughout her pregnancy.

Shay also shared a group photo where everyone wore the same bathing suit. You may see those photos below.

Though Shay looked flawless in her photos, she did leave a hint in the caption that she might be more tired. Tiredness is a common condition that can occur throughout the entire pregnancy, yet often gets worse closer to the end. Shay wrote the following caption.

"Doing my best to keep up with the models on this trip...Iā€™m tired. šŸ„“ @revolve x #Shaycation."

Shay may have said she was tired, but she certainly didn't look it. In fact, Shay looked quite the opposite. Her skin glowed in each photo and many said that she simply looked ravishing, healthy, and had the pregnancy glow.

Shay's photos have been getting more than a million views and her newest uploads are no exception.Ā  The reaction to Shay's photos is great and many people agree that she is full-on pregnancy goals. While Shay said she had a hard time keeping up with the models who were on the trip with her, some responded that the models needed to keep up with her.

What do you think of Shay's photos? Do you agree that she is having a gorgeous pregnancy and is pregnancy goals?

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