Shawn Mendes Shows Up At Interview With A Horribly Bruised Face Following Scary Accident - Video!

Shawn Mendes Shows Up At Interview With A Horribly Bruised Face Following Scary Accident - Video!
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Ouch! Shawn Mendez showed up at an interview for E! News with his precious little face all bruised up! What happened?

It turns out that the singer was involved in a scary scooter accident and the result, you can see it in the video down below.

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‘I fell off a scooter yesterday. Me and a friend were just…riding these electric scooters around the city. I was not even going that fast, actually.'

Mendes then explained that he just had to sacrifice his face instead of his wrist because he would've had trouble playing the guitar otherwise. And he just couldn't have that!

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'I was going a little slow but when I turned around something happened, and I said ‘I do not want to break a wrist’ so I put my face into the ground. And, I am here at CMT Crossroads with a bruised face,’ Shawn shared.

But even though he got hurt, the star was still all smiles, and no one blames him since this year has been great to him.

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The 20 year old won no less than four MMVAs, the Nick Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Male Singer, a pair of Junos, the Radio Disney Music Award in the Best Artist category and more!

In addition, he is also nominated at the People’s Choice Awards in three categories – Male Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, as well as Album of the Year.

‘I didn’t know about that. Really?’ I think I have heard about this actually, but I have been really busy practicing Zach Brown songs,’ he told the outlet.


‘Amazing. Amazing, so we have a high chance,’ he added when told the winners are decided by fan vote.

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