Shawn Mendes Says He'll Continue To Keep Relationship Details Under Wraps Out Of Respect

Shawn Mendes Says He'll Continue To Keep Relationship Details Under Wraps Out Of Respect
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According to a report from Entertainment Tonight, Shawn Mendes is choosing to keep his romantic life details under wraps. After a concert in Uncasville, Connecticut, a person asked the 21-year-old singer about his romantic life, and he explained why he continues to stay silent.

In a video posted to Twitter, the fan addressed the singer/songwriter's past statements on love, and how he had never found the right person. The fan asked, "has that changed recently?" Mendes said to the people in the crowd that he didn't want to speak on the romance because he's not the only person in it.

Previously, the 22-year-old, Camila Cabello, released a teaser clip of some of her upcoming music, one in which she discusses what being in love means to her. Even though she didn't directly refer to Mr. Mendes, many fans were quick to assume that's who she was referring to.

This report comes after Shawn and Camila performed at the 2019 MTV VMAs with a rendition of their new track, "Senorita." After the show, sources claimed Camila and Mendes were cuddling up to each other before they got on stage.

Before dating Mendes, Camila was in a romance with the relationship YouTuber, Matthew Hussey. In a November 2018 report from People Magazine, the 21-year-old pop-star said that she was in "love" with the Englishman, whom she first met on the set of Today.

Camila said whenever he was there at one of her performances, she felt nervous and shaky. The singer/songwriter claimed it was "annoying" because even though they had been together for a while at that time, there were still moments of anxiety on her part.

The Fifth Harmony member said she and Matthew were similar in so many ways, for instance, how they act "stupid and silly together." The singer said that Matthew made her feel the happiest she has ever been in her entire life.

Reported by iHeartRadio in June of 2019, the outlet claimed that Matthew and Camila had broken up. The source said to The Sun, that it was a "mutual decision" to break it off.

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