Shawn Mendes Says He Won't Sing For Camila Cabello For A Specific Reason

Shawn Mendes Says He Won't Sing For Camila Cabello For A Specific Reason
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According to Shawn Mendes , there is a specific reason why he doesn't sing songs for his girlfriend, Camila Cabello. Just Jared reported this week that Shawn says he doesn't sing to Cabello because she's also a singer, so it's really not that romantic for them.

Shawn said to the hosts of The Kyle and Jackie O Show on the 6th of October that he doesn't sing to his girlfriend because she's a singer. Additionally, Mendes explained how he has been spending a lot of time with Camilla at her house in Los Angeles while she films Cinderella.

Cabello is currently working on the movie in London, England, and Shawn jokingly stated that he has been using the utilities and sleeping in her bed. Mendes went on to say he was "lucky" because she's coming back tomorrow and he hasn't seen her in over a month and a half.

Speaking of living together, Shawn and Camila were in the headlines earlier this year when it was revealed they had been living as a couple amid the quarantine lockdown . An article from Ok! Magazine touched on their living situation, saying how they were gearing up to get their own place.

Shawn and Cabello have been dating for a year approximately and fans of the lovebirds reportedly love it when they're out in public together.

Reportedly, social media users have argued since the beginning that Shawn and Camila probably weren't dating and it was just a publicity stunt. Moreover, fans have wondered out loud for years if Mendes was secretly gay.

However, they managed to put those rumors to rest after they spent the vast majority of quarantine in each others' arms. According to reports, Camila is 23-years-old and Shawn Mendes is just 21-years-old, and some say it's the first time either party has really been in a serious relationship.


On the other hand, Camila was in a relationship with Matthew Hussey for one year and six months. Before they started dating, Camila and Shawn were great friends and sources claim this may have played a huge role in the strengthening of their romance.

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